Records! Rekords! Rekerds! Rrkds!

We are very happy to announce a couple of golden new records. Well, not golden (yet) but you know…some great bands with awesome music. All coming very soon!

Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes LP

Featuring Members of Gaggers, Ladykillers and Disco Lepers, this band from London is the perfect combination of ’77 UK Punk and the dark guitar/synthesizer Post Punk of nowadays.  It’s like singer Marco says: “it’s a blend of post punk a la Wire, Joy Division mixed with some electro in the vein of the Units, Screamers, Vicious Visions and a dose of Scandinavian / Euro punk like Masshysteri, Tristess, Invasionen etc.”

Spent Flesh – Deviant Burial Customs 7″

Spent Flesh takes highlights of American hardcore in the 1980’s and effortlessly blend them with pop punk, noise, and some avant-garde elements. This collection of songs is constantly mutating at break neck speed, all served up in a wonderful mess that blasts thru 9 songs in just over 13 minutes.
Coming soon on Rockstar Records, P.Trash and FDH!

No More Art – Sorrows Of Youth LP

The long-awaited debut album from NO MORE ART! After a couple of fantastic 7″s, this beautiful 8-song record is finally seeing the light of day. Think of Masshysteri with a touch of The Estranged. This LP features members from Red Dons and Rhonda and it sounds like, well, an awesome mixture of Red Dons and Rhonda. Out on November 30th. Available on limited grey vinyl including a download of a brand new acoustic song!

When There Is None – Warpaint LP limited Mailorder Edition!


This town is an ashtray. And the sky doesn’t give a shit. It just looks bored and grey.

Boy, you can really tell that these 4 guys are from the beautiful yet rainy city of Aachen. But jokes aside, ‘Warpaint’ will remind you of an awesome mixture of Leatherface meets Hot Water Music meets Hüsker Dü. Sandpapery voice, melody driven post-hardcore guitars and very tight drumming. You’ll try to sing along with one fist in the air and it will sound awful, but you’ll still keep going. Because it’s just that good.

This is the second album after their self-released debut back in 2012. The mailorder edition comes in a different, silkscreened Cover on beautiful seablue vinyl and is strictly limited to 83 copies. If you’re more of a regular-guy/girl-type…that one is also available on black vinyl right here at!

Scheisse Minnelli/General Fucking Principle – Best at it’s Worst LP

SCHEISSE MINNELLI GFP splitHoly Shit! This Split LP comes right out of skatevana! The LA Band ‘General Fucking Principle’ (G.F.P.) features former Dogtown Kid and first ever Skateboarding World Champion Tony Alva, Mr. Greg Hetson from Circle Jerks & Bad Religion, Crazy Tom who sang in ‘Dead Fucking Last’ (D.F.L.) – you know that band that had that Drummer from Suicidal Tendencies, Amery AWOL Smith who also plays the drums on this unique release. That’s right – it’s a ‘who is who’ of LA Punk Rock/Hardcore and Skateboarding History. And that’s exactly what you get here. Raging Punk Rock with no fillers whatsover. It’s their first release on vinyl ever!
Further more, there’s also the younger generation of that sound on the flipside. The 5 guys in Scheisse Minnelli truly know how to mix hardcore with skatepunk, that’s for sure. Also, they got Tesco Vee (The Meatmen) featured on one of their songs, so be prepared to have your mind blown and get your dirty old skateboard out on the street again. Killer LP with amazing artwork. The limited Pre-Order Edition on green vinyl can be ordered right here at! Records will be shipped around Halloween.

Please send us an email if you’re interested in a press release including a download of the album!

Komplikations – Going Down 12″ Maxi – Pre-Order Edition

Komplikations just launched their new Maxi 12″ on Rockstar Records! It’s called GOING DOWN and we’re very happy to release  the third strike by this great trio from Aachen/Liege…This beautiful 3-Song 12″ Maxi is more or less ready to ship. The Pre-Order edition comes in a special black & red screenprinted sleeve which is strictly limited to 83 units. Units, hehe, Units. Oh, Inlay and Download Coupon are also included.
Pre-Order the hell out of it over at Punkorder!

Scheisse Minnelli – Sorry State Of Affairs LP out now!

sorrystate_final_400OUT NOW!
Awesome. Scheisse Minnelli’s new LP is a raging 12-song skate-hardcore-trash-punk monster. This is exactly what you need to listen to while skateboarding through your shitty town.
It’s (literally) a mixture of Hessian Nightmares and California Dreams…

Trainwreck – Old Departures, New Beginnings LP out now!

Trainwreck - Old Departures, New BeginningsThe new LP is out now and it’s fucking amazing! The pre-order edition has already sold out but you can still get the regular edition right here.
Very nice artwork on a heavy cardboard gatefold cover! And these beauties are ready to ship next wednesday. Wanna listen to a song first?
Right here!

Komplikations – “Apathy” Video online!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Komplikations‘ first Video! Enjoy!

Trainwreck – Pre-Order & Songs streaming…


On May 9th, the fabulous new record by this outstanding hardcore band is available at their release show in Aachen. They have finished recording their album “old departures, new beginnings” at the 79 sound studio a couple of weeks ago and the countdown to pre-order the limited edition vinyl has begun! Pre-Order starts on April 5th at High Noon! Yes, that still means 12:00 pm. You can listen to a song on our bandcamp site right here.

We are very happy to co-release this beauty together with the nice folks at This Charming Man Records and if you’re interested in yet another song from their upcoming album, make sure to visit the label’s soundcloud site.
Oh, and also, be sure to check them out live on their upcoming tour…
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Trash the City – Rockstar Label Fest

Hey Fans! It’s time for our annual thingy where we can pat ourselves on the back and realize what great fucking music and bands are related to the Rockstar Records family.

This time, on April 25, these are No More Art, Modern Pets, Toys That Kill aaand two more special guests (one band’s name is the longest I know and the other one’s rather short).

You might have heard of one or two of those…Be there (AZ Aachen) and cherish us!

Voight-Kampff – New 7″

Introducing a new band on the Rockstar Records roster: Voight Kampff from St. Louis and Minneapolis!
And yes, the band’s name is a reference to that awesome movie Blade Runner, which is quite fitting, ’cause their sound is a bit dark. Think of late Observers or even Red Dons mixed with Ian Curtis’ Voice or something.

They will be playing a couple of shows with No Problem in May and we’re proud to release a Europe-Tour 7″ together with P.Trash, Erste Theke Tonträger & Cut The Cord That…
Listen to their first release on Bandcamp to get psyched!