Komplikations – Going Down 12″ Maxi

August 2014 / R$R050 / Format 12″ Maxi

Regular edition turquis/red offset sleeve
Preorder edition w/ alt. screenprinted coverart red/black (limited to 83 units)
Club edition w/ alt. screenprinted coverart turquis/black
Side A:
Big City
Side B:
1.) Insanity
2.) Safety and Secure

Shortly after releasing their awesome album “Poverty” in october last year, KOMPLIKATIONS are already set to satisfy your hunger for more! The 3-piece band from Aachen/Liège have recorded a couple of brand new songs which not only maintain the high standards of said record, nope. KOMPLIKATIONS even manage to step up their game with these 3 songs. The well-known synthesizer/drums/vocals combo is clean and simple while retaining a frantic mixture of energy and power. Still, think of UNITS, SCREAMERS or NERVOUS GENDER, but KOMPLIKATIONS are one of a kind. If you can’t dance to this 7″ you might already be dead.

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