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Records! Rekords! Rekerds! Rrkds!

We are very happy to announce a couple of golden new records. Well, not golden (yet) but you know…some great bands with awesome music. All coming very soon!

Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes LP

Featuring Members of Gaggers, Ladykillers and Disco Lepers, this band from London is the perfect combination of ’77 UK Punk and the dark guitar/synthesizer Post Punk of nowadays.  It’s like singer Marco says: “it’s a blend of post punk a la Wire, Joy Division mixed with some electro in the vein of the Units, Screamers, Vicious Visions and a dose of Scandinavian / Euro punk like Masshysteri, Tristess, Invasionen etc.”

Spent Flesh – Deviant Burial Customs 7″

Spent Flesh takes highlights of American hardcore in the 1980’s and effortlessly blend them with pop punk, noise, and some avant-garde elements. This collection of songs is constantly mutating at break neck speed, all served up in a wonderful mess that blasts thru 9 songs in just over 13 minutes.
Coming soon on Rockstar Records, P.Trash and FDH!

No More Art – Sorrows Of Youth LP

The long-awaited debut album from NO MORE ART! After a couple of fantastic 7″s, this beautiful 8-song record is finally seeing the light of day. Think of Masshysteri with a touch of The Estranged. This LP features members from Red Dons and Rhonda and it sounds like, well, an awesome mixture of Red Dons and Rhonda. Out on November 30th. Available on limited grey vinyl including a download of a brand new acoustic song!